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monday morning(ish) thoughts!

Canadian Grobanites Unite!

monday morning(ish) thoughts!

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aighty, time for some monday morning ponderings.

Saturday night, you're sitting at home, bored as heck, when your phone rings you look at the display and see your friend's number, however when you pick it up, a man is on the other end. He claims his name is Josh Groban.

a)Laugh and say nice one, then hang up
b)You jump up and down giddily and scream and proceed to have nice little chat
c) You swear, and ask who the *^&% thinks it's funny to impersonate Josh Groban

or d) a combination of all of the above

and since my brain is dead... so that's all for today!

EDIT: Okay, never post when you're brain dead, things that make sense to you don't make sense to everyone else! I meant to imply that for all you know the person on the other end IS Josh.
  • um, lol. d a combination. Unless of course it was your number or another grobie's number, because I know you guys wouldn't fake that and cause mental scarring on a fellow Grobie, lol.
    • LOLOL. *calls jess and pretends to be josh* LOL i don't even have ur # in my phone and I don't have caller ID.
  • (no subject) - banee_noel
  • I'd probably get snarky and sarcastic. "Yeah, sure it is. Are you going on fly on your solid gold, diamond encrusted unicorn to come pick me up so we can have dinner with Da Vinci? Lolz."
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