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for all you ontarians and quebecers...

Canadian Grobanites Unite!

for all you ontarians and quebecers...

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who are getting this ridiculous amount of snow....

and for anyone else out in Canadian Grobania...

  • (no subject) - banee_noel
  • Gah, much needed! I'm buried over here and it's currently snowing horizontally!
  • Hee Hee! timing works for me! I had to walk in that...thing **watches is raor on, shivers** softly falling..pfft! ever crash snow machine into a realtively fluffy snowbank? it's like that!
    • LOL i went out in it. It wasn't too bad, nippy and windy and no sidewalk..not that there was ever any to being with where i walked, but i was glad to be back inside again.
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