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a fascinating interview with one of our own...

Canadian Grobanites Unite!

a fascinating interview with one of our own...

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So this is some what off topic, but I was chatting away tonight and got curious with Miss alexandrite_20, who is super piano!genius, and yes of course we mentioned josh. But feel free to skip this if you only want to hear about josh :)

the conversation started off with my browsing of facebook and noticing that Jess had joined a group called "I play piano and therefore am legally more talented than you..." [[please bear in mind, that i, the interviewer, know very little about Music, i'm just an appreciator! (is that a word?)]]

jena: what grade is jess at? 100!

Jess S.: lol ARCT almost

jena: uhh what?

Jess S.: Associate of the Royal Conservatory-the last level, basically a degree

jena:  *bows to your geniusness*

Jess S.: lol. I still have to play you Joshly stuff.

jena: *puts on interviewer hat* so how does you feel when playing joshley stuff? hard? easy? boring?

Jess S.: hmm...*puts on interviewee hat* most of it's fairly easy, except for a few, but it's fun to put all the emotion and my own little touches in there

jena : fascinating...and how would you feel about collaborating on a piece with josh?

Jess S.: I would die happy. It would be much the fun...and I'd get to play his *drool* piano

jena: and would you, given teh opportunity, play josh one of his pieces?

Jess S.: yes, I think I would

jena : has u seen pachelbels rant? an amusing vid on utube?

Jess S.: no, lol. is this still part of the interview?

jena: kindof

Jess S.: ok

jena: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=JdxkVQy7QLM

jena: now...when you play Teh Precious

jena : how does u play? barefoot? nekkid? in teh dark?

Jess S.: I prefer to play barefoot

jena: and why be that?

Jess S.: its' comfortable, your feet stay secure on the pedals, and with no heels on shoes, it feels proper and natural

jena: you wouldn't happen to have a male version of you for kimmeh?

jena: lol she'd go gaga with that

Jess S.: lol sorry

jena : back to interview...what would be your dream concert?

Jess S.: hmm dream concert....well Josh of course (which I've been to) but maybe if I were onstage with him

jena: would you like to duel it out piano wise with a particular pianist?

jena: and who d you think would win?

Jess S.: hmm...like a classical composer? or someone from now?

jena: anyone.

Jess S.: Chopin. He'd kick my ass, but I would be so amazed by him , it'd be worth it

jena: chopin she says...

Jess S.: lol I don't want to duel anyone that'd I'd feel guilty duelling

jena: like josh?

Jess S.: lol, I'd love to play with him, but not duel

jena: what if he wanted to duel with you? maybe hes more piano genius than he seems

Jess S.: if he wanted to duel with me, I would accept. I have great faith in his piano abilities, but I think I would prefer to do a duet

jena: have u ever written anything yourself?

Jess S.: lol sort of. I've improvised some things, but I'm silly and forget to write them down. Currently I'm arranging a Christmas piece to play, and I plan on doing some composing this year

jena: now what made you want to teach piano?

Jess S.: yes, I love teaching piano. What made me want to teach...I love working with kids, and I've noticed a lack of decent piano teachers, and I want to be able to pass on my love of piano, and all this musical knowledge I have stored away in my brain, so that classical playing never goes away. Plus, it's so much fun and creative, and I always learn from it...that was a long answer

jena: long is okay

jena: when did you start playing?

Jess S.: I started playing piano when I was six, but took music classes starting when I was three

jena: did you ever play any other instruments? if so what made you pick piano"?

Jess S.: well, in my first 2 years of music I played the glockenspiel (little xylophone) and then chose piano when I was finished those classes, because it looked fun. But I can also play the clarinet, which I love, and I can play a little trumpet and some violin which I am still learning
Jess S.: but piano is my favourite, I find it the most challenging, and I know all about it

jena: what do you love most about playing piano"?

Jess S.: hmm, I love how much work it takes, and how technical it is. Also because it's so versatile, you can do more with it than with any other instrument, and it has so many more capabilites than any other instrument. Plus, it gives you a lot of physical strength, and it's beautiful (I know that was more than one thing)

jena: hey im not complaining
jena: fave pianist?

Jess S.: Chopin hands down

jena: whys?

Jess S.: he was the best. His music is the most challenging, most meaningful and most diverse. Everything he wrote/played is beautiful, and also he was a fantastic teacher. He is also considered the premiere piano composer of all time!

jena: whats your fave kind of piano?

Jess S.: Steinway & Sons grands, Yamaha grands are a close second

jena: okees. what piano does you use oh jess the great?

Jess S.: lol Jess the great? in my house I have a Bell piano (Bell was out of Guelph-doesn't exist anymore) an it's an apartment size, but at the church I like to practice at, I use a Yamaha Grand

jena: oooh preeeteh

Jess S.: yup...exactly the same as Josh's

jena: do you ever randomly go into churches and play their pianos?

Jess S.: if I could, I would. But alas, I do not. it's frowned upon unfortunately

jena: well thats dumb

Jess S.: i agree

jena: have u ever done a concert barefoot?

Jess S.: actually yes, lol

jena: did ppl look at you funneh?

Jess S.: yep, lol

jena: lol you and loosh should duet--- the barefoot concert

Jess S.: that would be so cool

jena: i'd go, front row centre plz

Jess S.: free tiks for you

jena: 'well folks thats all the time we have for...today? tomorrow? tune in next time on jess the genius to hear jess's adventures on random european pianos
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