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if josh were canadian...

Canadian Grobanites Unite!

if josh were canadian...

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So banee_noel and I are sitting here, bored on a Friday night, watching LATG...so it seems that the part of norway that his family is from is like the newfoundland of canada...

It seems that many people, before they know that Josh is from LA, think he's Cdn... and banee_noel and I were discussing last night how weird it was that Josh was inivted to sing at One Night Live, because it was almost like there was no connection...since all the other performers were from Canada.

So discussing this and watching LATG, I've decided josh would make an excellent newfie..

So to end my rambling... cdn_grobs, I put it to you...

if josh were from canada, where would he be from?
  • hee hee! this is interesting and I couldn't resist posing my perception of where I think he would be from if her were Canadian! Well, I have no idea why but for me i think it would have to be Abbotsford BC. again I have no idea why...but i have a friend who lives(lived?...we kind of lost contact;-;) there and from what she described it to be like just kind of fit the perception of him...I can't remember the specifics of her description but the connection of him to that town stuck. I Imagine BC but not a big city, yet not somewhere too rural, Abbotsford fits well enough!
  • that is an interesting question.

    I'm thinking...Cambridge, because obviously he'd be my neighbour, LOL!!!

    Seriously though...I have no idea, lol.
  • (no subject) - banee_noel
    • hrrrm yes. I actually watched a documentary of sorts on music in PEI... I could kinda see that...I still think he'd make a good newfie.
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