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16th November 2007

Friday Five!

Bonjour, my fellow Canadian Grobanites. It does appear that I have not done a Joshly!Friday Five in a very long time. One, because you guys never commented (thanks) and two, because I forgot. Oops. I shall press on from here on out even if you don't comment.

01. Whether it's spending too much money on posters/CD's/DVD's etc. or trying to convert strangers, what is the most outrageous thing you've done for Josh?

02. What kind of impression do you feel non-fans have of Josh Groban? Does that preconception please or annoy you?

03. What did you think of Josh Groban before and/or after you heard him sing?

04. With Awake Josh went in a completely different direction from his past CD's. Do you think that, in the future, there will be more songs/CD's like Awake or that he's stretched his voice as far as it could go in that particular genre of music? (i.e. Songs like: Now or Never, Machine, My December etc.)

05. Would you want Josh to do another Christmas Album? What would your preferred track-list look like?

Have a great weekend, you guys!

12th November 2007

my deepest apologies for being the world's worst mod. I have been swallowed whole by life and school. That is my excuse and sticking to it.

So I was inspired by the loffeleh Anna's post below and have decided to continue it on. Because we all knwo Monday's need a little love.

1) You're in a hurry, it's monday, you're in dire need of caffeine. You run into the coffeeshop, grab a [[insert your preferred coffee here]] and run out...and into...the man himself and have somehow managed to dump your precious coffee all over his front. What do you do?

2) multiple choice.
You are sightseeing in Europe, when you see a tall curly headed look alike and start taking pictures of random thinigs around him and convenitently including him in the picture. He turns around a minute later and you realize, it is indeed Josh.

A) pretend you have no idea who he is and carry on a lively conversation with the person next to you.
B) Blush and then turn away.
C) hold out your hand to shake and say "what brings you here, Mr. Groban?"

3) If you could see Josh in concert anywhere...where would it be?

28th September 2007

I have decided to pose a question or two upon you Canadian Grobies every Friday. (Hope you like the idea, Jena-wife.) Much like a Friday Five, except for the five part. :D Unless you would like to have a Friday Five. Then drop a comment to express your wish. Right now I'll start with just three, it's a nice round-ish number.

1. Say you're working at a video store. Surprise! Josh walks in. What would you do and what do you think he would rent?
2. Is there any completely random everyday things (songs, inanimate objects, etc) that remind you of Josh? (Explanations help the world.)
3. Of all the interviews with Teh Groban. Which one is your favourite, and why? (Link if you'd like.)

Enjoy your weekend, Grobies! :)

You can either comment with your answers on this post or even make a new one if you feel like it. :D

21st September 2007

What's up Canadian Grobies? How's like and junk? Good, I hope. Anyhow, just thought I'd try and wake you guys up with a question! :D

Favourite Concert Experience? That is if you went to one. If not: Favourite Josh Experience? Doesn't have to be anything too spectacular. You can answer both if you want too. Don't matter to me. Just as long as you answer it! :p

For me:
Favourite Concert Experience?: When he came down MY aisle for In Her Eyes. I'm pretty sure I can die happy now. *dreamy sigh*
Favourite Josh Experience?: I think anytime a store plays one of his songs. I get super excited and smile.

P.S. Do you like the new and improved profile? Y/N?

7th September 2007


I have a really strange request. My copy of Smile (from the Awake album) mysteriously gone missing and I can't find it anywhere, so I was wondering if anyone had it and would be willing to send me a copy. I'm making a movie for one of my English Lit Classes and I was going to use the song in it, but can't because I can't find it :(

And while I'm here, I'll post my intro, that I forgot to do when I joined.

Name: Melissa, or Mo
Age (optional): I'm 20
Province/Territory: The Beautiful British Columbia
Job (student counts!): I'm a student at UNBC and I work in a Beer Store

Some other questions:

When was the first time you ever heard Josh? What was your reaction?:
Ummm a LONG time ago, and at that time I was into the standards and fell in love with him.

What Josh song are you currently nuts about?: At the moment, Awake or Now and Never, I can never decide

Ever see Josh live (in Canada, that is)?: Yes, at his concert in Vancouver on August 17th.

What’s the best part about being a Canadian Grobie?: Theres the beinging Candain part and knowing what a poutine is:P

What’s the worst part?: Not getting the special cool things...or prices....

What else (other than Josh) do you like? Bands/singers, etc.: Ironcially, Country, a lot, Michael Buble, pretty much everything.

What’s the best part of being Canadian?: No one makes fun of my accent of me saying "eh" a lot. I'm from a small town, so I do that reguarrly.

What is your favourite Canadian thing (food, items, stores, etc.)?: Roots for the store, I think snow and toques and I dont know, everything. I can't imagine living somewhere else.

Do you like cows?: Yes, my friend named a cow after me once, Mo. It was awesome.

Anything else you want us to know?: I'm a 3rd year English Major, I'm really into theatre, and music and at this mment my laptop is really pissing me off.

16th August 2007

Hello, my fellow Canadians. I would just like to draw your attention to our [very awesome] new layout, made by yours truly. I did this late at night, so sorry it's a little half-assed.

But enjoy it none-the-less! I made it especially for you. ;D

25th July 2007

Hey all, seems like we've all gone AWOL during the summer months, I'm just popping in to tell you all I hope to revive CG a bit more in the fall and am curious how many of you would be interested in a game... sortof a trivia style thing.

Lemme know eh!

~Jena (and Josh[who is glurping down tim horton's ice capps in my bedroom ;)])

27th May 2007

Oops I joined a couple days ago and forgot to do the questionnaire!! I think I'm gonna ramble, though, just to warn you...

Read more...Collapse )

12th May 2007

First off, a massive shout out to all you new members! Howdy! Glad to have ya aboard!

I come bearing something that is not entirely of josh in Canada relevance, but oh well.

This is an interview with Michael Buble (who is Canadian) and they talk about Josh

so it sort of is relevant, lol.


I haven't had a chance to listen to it *just* yeat, but i hope you guys like it!


26th April 2007

any of you western Cdn Grobs headed to see Josh this leg of teh tour??

warmest_glow, I know you're going to Vancouver, anyone else in the other half of this loffleh nation seeing the joshman?

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