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Hello everyone! I'm happy to find this community...I'm always happy to find fellow Grobanites who aren' know, crazy.

Name: Laura, aka. lauralareine

Age (optional): 26!

Province/Territory: Originally from Alberta, then Nova Scotia, then Ontario, and now I actually don't live in Canada at all (although I maintain my Canadian passport and pay my taxes like a dutiful citizen, so don't hold it against me)!

Job (student counts!): I teach English and drama at an American-style international school in South Korea.

Some other questions:

When was the first time you ever heard Josh?
I went to a Sarah Brightman La Luna concert in Calgary, and they did their duet. I fell in love with him immediately. I was way up in the nosebleeds so all I could see was his hair and I thought he was, like, forty. It wasn't until a year later when I saw his album in the store and thought, "Hey, it's that guy! Goodness...he's my age."
Now I'm kind of sorry that I didn't try to talk to him after the show.

What Josh song are you currently nuts about?: I like to write, and I like to listen to Josh while I write. The song of choice usually depends on what's going on in the story, so it varies. For personal reasons, I like Machine because it's been my anthem lately.

Ever see Josh live (in Canada, that is)?: In Ottawa back in 2003 (I think) for his Closer tour. I got his autograph. :)

What’s the best part about being a Canadian Grobie?: I like being Canadian, I like being a Grobie...but I don't really think of them as being that connected, really.

What’s the worst part?: Having to wait longer for things to be shipped.

What else (other than Josh) do you like? Bands/singers, etc.: Sarah Brightman, Sissel, Alanis Morissette, Jann Arden, and I like French-Canadian singers like Pierre Lapointe, Emily Loizeau, and the band Mes Aïeux.

What’s the best part of being Canadian?: Canadians who live overseas get treated a lot better than their American counterparts.

What is your favourite Canadian thing (food, items, stores, etc.)?: I know this might be a strange answer, but my favourite thing about Canada is that you could eat food from a different part of the world every day of the week. That's not something you can do easily in South Korea -- they are not about the international cuisine.

Do you like cows?: I don't love them, I don't hate them. They exist.

Anything else you want us to know?: I work hard to expose Koreans to Josh. He's not famous in Korea. I really don't know why. But I'm working on it. ;)

if josh were canadian...

So banee_noel and I are sitting here, bored on a Friday night, watching it seems that the part of norway that his family is from is like the newfoundland of canada...

It seems that many people, before they know that Josh is from LA, think he's Cdn... and banee_noel and I were discussing last night how weird it was that Josh was inivted to sing at One Night Live, because it was almost like there was no connection...since all the other performers were from Canada.

So discussing this and watching LATG, I've decided josh would make an excellent newfie..

So to end my rambling... cdn_grobs, I put it to you...

if josh were from canada, where would he be from?
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Josh and a...juno?

Long time no posty. I know, I'm horrible. *shames*


Ladies and gents, grobies everywhere, our beloved Joshie, who might as well be Cdn, is nominated for a Juno!

how can this be you ask? Josh is not Canadian and Junos are awarded to Cdn artists....well it appears, that the Fantastique Noel is nominated for "International Album of the year"

So cross your fingers and toes, that on April 6th, that Josh will beat out the likes of Rhianna and Fergie.

As to whether Josh will be making an appearance at the Juno's is yet to be determined, as hasn't said anything at all.

We shall see:D

a fascinating interview with one of our own...

So this is some what off topic, but I was chatting away tonight and got curious with Miss alexandrite_20, who is super piano!genius, and yes of course we mentioned josh. But feel free to skip this if you only want to hear about josh :)

the conversation started off with my browsing of facebook and noticing that Jess had joined a group called "I play piano and therefore am legally more talented than you..." [[please bear in mind, that i, the interviewer, know very little about Music, i'm just an appreciator! (is that a word?)]]

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any Cdn grobies know how to make online radio stations love them?

I tried to 'listen live' to the KOST FM thing which is apparently happening tomorrow anyway, but it apaprently knows you aren't in the US and won't let me listen to it.

monday morning(ish) thoughts!

aighty, time for some monday morning ponderings.

Saturday night, you're sitting at home, bored as heck, when your phone rings you look at the display and see your friend's number, however when you pick it up, a man is on the other end. He claims his name is Josh Groban.

a)Laugh and say nice one, then hang up
b)You jump up and down giddily and scream and proceed to have nice little chat
c) You swear, and ask who the *^&% thinks it's funny to impersonate Josh Groban

or d) a combination of all of the above

and since my brain is dead... so that's all for today!

EDIT: Okay, never post when you're brain dead, things that make sense to you don't make sense to everyone else! I meant to imply that for all you know the person on the other end IS Josh.


  Hello! I came across this site by accident and figured i'd join in to! though i probably won't be of much use to this community for a little while as i'm in school all the time and exams are coming up, i'm short on cash to buy all things josh groban! and i've overbooked myself(again-_-;)
i filled out the questionnaire though!

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