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About Us

This is a community for all Canadian Josh Groban fans.
Come and read the latest Canadian Josh news and pictures, find Canadian tour dates and share your Canadian Josh stories! If you're not Canadians, that's fine. Come on in and check out our humble abode, but don't be surprised if you can't understand us, eh?


As every community does, we do have our rules, but they're quite simple and pretty standard.

1) Please no promoting for any communities other than Josh. It WILL be deleted.
2) Try to keep everything here related to Canadian Josh stuff, as that's sorta the purpose of this community. =D
3) Do not flame anyone in the community, or you will be banned. No second chances.
4) No StIcKy cApSs or j4v4 ki77y type, please. One it makes my brain hurt, Two it's just annoying and Three no one likes it anyway.
5) No overt fangirling. I know he's great, but please keep yourself sophisticated.
6) Please, be NICE! We are here to have FUN and not harp on each other and/or Josh. FEEL THE CANADIAN LOVE, EH? *passes out Tim Horton's*


This community is maintained/moderated by:

The crazy feelsike_2day AKA Jena is from Smalltown, Ontario (AKA Elmira), but going to school in Peterborough.
She is nuts about languages, addicted to coffee and hates snow and poutine.
The also crazy riotact AKA Anna is from Vancouver, BC. She likes anything random. She's in love with theatre and photography. She, on the other hand, loves snow and poutine.

Both have a strange attachment to cows (although they don't really know why) and would love to have Josh's babies. =D

And You?

Enough about us, who're you?! If you want, fill out this little survey and post it, to tell us about yourself!!!


We are a friendly group (as all Canadians are) and welcome you, no matter which province you're from!
We realize that most Josh related things get posted over at __grobanites,
but we will try to keep this active and exciting!
Suggestions are always welcome!
* * *

What's YOUR anti-drug?

Not Canadian? Check out __grobanites! (Our mother community.)

The most active of all the Josh Groban LJ communities!

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